Halloween Movie


When it comes to horror slasher films that pack a scare, there's none quite like the iconic Halloween movie series featuring the one and only Michael Myers. With our collection of Halloween-inspired costumes, you'll now be ready to wreak havoc no matter where you go. Pick up some high-quality Halloween collectibles for your action figure collection or dress up your dog as Michael Myers himself in one of our walking pet costumes. No matter what you do, just be sure to spread some ghoulish spooks and scares all night long while celebrating your favorite horror classic!

Michael Myers Soft Toy Phunny
It’s been more than 40 years and now Michael Myers is coming for YOU! First appearing in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror movie, Halloween, the sadistic serial killer that started it all is back this summer in plush form with the Halloween Michael Myers Phunny Plush by Kidrobot. Complete with his signature knife and haunting Jack-o-Lantern, this iconic killer is coming for you!

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