The Marvels


Team up as Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel to save the universe together in the official The Marvels dress-up collection.

Adult Captain Marvel Costume From Marvel
Put on this costume and become Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. Originally from Earth but trained on Kree, she's an elite fighter and one of the strongest Avengers. As seen in Marvel's Captain Marvel (2019) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).
Captain Marvel Kids Costume
Unlock your child's heroic potential with our Captain Marvel Kids Costume. This costume is the perfect attire for young heroes who want to unleash their inner strength and save the day.
Marvel Kids Costume
Get ready to become an action-packed superhero with this Marvel Kids Costume. Perfect for Halloween, a fancy-dress party or just for fun.
Captain Marvel Girls Dress
Inspire courage and ignite the imagination with the Captain Marvel Girls Dress. This dress allows young fans to embody the powerful Captain Marvel. Whether it's for everyday wear, costume parties, or special occasions, this dress is guaranteed to make your little one feel like they can take on anything.
Captain Marvel Adult Costume
Introducing the Captain Marvel Adult Costume, the ultimate ensemble for fans of the powerful intergalactic hero. Ideal for any dress-up occasion.

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