Witch - Adult


Whatever mischievous magic you're planning on brewing up for your night out as a sorceress, we've got the toil and trouble to help you make it happen. Our witch costumes range from the sweetest good witches to the most wicked looks you can imagine. Give Sabrina and Elphaba a run for their money as you put together the iconic witch costume of your dreams. Then you and your familiar will be ready to fly off to a party and enchant everyone you meet.

Adult Deluxe Wanda/Scarlet Witch Halloween Outfit From Marvel
Get dressed up in this WDV- WANDA SCARLET WITCH HALLO costume. Whether it's for Halloween, a fancy-dress party or for fun, this costume is perfect for dress-up.
Adult Wickedest Witch Costume
Witch Adult Plus Costume
Add a touch of spookiness to your Halloween costume with this Witch Adult Plus Costume. This costume comes with a black and purple dress, matching hat, and belt.
Adult Zodiac Sister Witch Costume
Hubble bubble, toil and trouble… it’s a witch! And not just any witch, this one has travelled right from the Salem Witch Trials to catch innocent children! Dress up as this Enchanted Sister Witch for Halloween with this dress and hat on headband to complete the look.
Adult Black Witch Costume
Cackle away on your broomstick as a Witch in this Black Witch costume. All you'll need is a cauldron and a black cat and you'll be ready for any witchy magic adventures!
Adult Golden Web Witch Costume
What creature can a witch possess? What creature can they transform into, or make them do their bidding? Why, a creepy spider of course! And now, with this Golden Web Witch, they can put on this costume with golden webs adorning it and discover the magic and intrigue of being a witch!
Adult Witch Pin Up Dress
Get dressed up in the best costume for your fancy-dress party or dress-up occasion with this Witch Pin Up Dress. This costume is the perfect way to get into character and become someone else. Whether its for a specific occasion or just for fun, delight yourself and your friends with this Witch Pin Up Dress.

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