The Eternals


Join Sersi and Ikaris for an adventure like no other with Marvel’s The Eternals with our costume and dress-up!

Adult Ikaris Costume From Marvel
Ikaris, one of the most powerful of the extraterrestrial beings known as Eternals, comes to life in this officially licensed costume from Rubies. Known for his disdain for the human race, will he battle his inner demons and the Deviants who threaten the Earth to be able to save the very life forms he dislikes? Dress in his signature blue super suit from Marvel's new blockbuster, The Eternals, and find out!
Kids Sersi Costume From Marvel
Sersi, the leader of Marvel's extraterrestrial group of beings, The Eternals, is the most sympathetic member of the group. Battling Deviants and helping humanity develop, her love for the human race shines through what she does and makes her the true hero. Dressed in her green and gold superhero suit as seen in the Marvel film, The Eternals, will you be able to save the world in time?
Kids Ikaris Costume From Marvel
Become Ikaris- one of the bravest members of the alien race The Eternals, in the new Marvel blockbuster. Portrayed by Richard Madden, will you be able to defeat the Deviants and keep Earth safe for humans? Dress in his brilliant blue extraterrestrial costume and discover what it's like to have superpowers like being able to shoot laser beams from your eyes!
Adult Deluxe Sersi Costume From Marvel
Working as a museum curator in the present day, Sersi has been on Earth for almost as long as humanity has existed. Her kind and empathetic nature makes her a natural leader of her family, but will they be able to reunite to defeat the Deviants and save Earth from something much graver? Dress in her signature green and gold superhero dress and find out!

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