Vampires - Adult


Take a trip to Transylvania this Halloween without moving an inch, in a vampire costume that'll have every Bella Swan in the room coming over to chat you up. Whether you're looking for Twilight or True Blood, we have a vampire look that will give you the otherworldly grace and menace of the classiest monster out there. With a set of fangs, you'll be ready for a dinner party or a date--or two in one.

Adult Vampire Selfie Shocker Costume
Step into the world of hilarity and surprises with our Adult Vampire Selfie Shocker Costume. Perfect for Halloween, a fancy-dress party or just for fun.
Adult Skull Vampiress Costume
Get dressed up in the best costume for your fancy-dress party or dress-up occasion with this Vampiress (Skull) Design ***. This costume is the perfect way to get into character and become someone else. Whether its for a specific occasion or just for fun, delight yourself and your friends with this Vampiress (Skull) Design ***.
Adult Queen Of The Vampires Costume
Get dressed up in this QUEEN OF THE VAMPIRES costume. Whether it's for Halloween, a fancy-dress party or for fun, this costume is perfect for dress-up.

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