Horrid Henry


Na na na na na! Become the troublesome, fun, and exciting Horrid Henry with our costumes and accessories! Whether it’s playing pranks on Moody Margaret or getting into costume for World Book Day, our range of Horrid Henry dress-up is perfect for your little one.

Kids Horrid Henry Costume
Na na na na na! It's Horrid Henry- the misbehaving prankster from the book series by Francessca Simon. Illustrated by Tony Ross, his favourite ways to solve problems is by pranking! When compared to his brother, Perfect Peter, he couldn't be any more different but we all know that beneath his mischievous exterior is a boy who loves his family and friends. The character of Horrid Henry is brought to life in this costume, featuring his signature blue trousers, blue striped top and even a mask so every child can become him! This is an ideal costume for World Book Day, Halloween or it would make the perfect gift for the Horrid Henry fan in your life.
Kids Horrid Henry Bag Of Tricks
Horrid Henry loves pranking people- especially his brother Perfect Peter. What every prankster needs is their Bag Of Tricks, featuring fool-proof ways to cause some trouble! This bag includes a wind-up chattering teeth toy, a whoopie cushion and a slime slug which can be used in a number of different ways by budding pranksters for fun! The Bag Of Tricks would make an ideal companion to the officially licensed Horrid Henry costume or as a gift for the Horrid Henry fan in your life.
Horrid Henry Kids Bundle Set

Get ready to embrace your mischievous side with the ultimate Horrid Henry bundle! Dress up as the notorious prankster himself with the Kids Horrid Henry Costume, featuring his signature blue trousers, striped top, and a mask to complete the transformation. Perfect for World Book Day or Halloween, this costume is a must-have for any Horrid Henry fan. And what's a prankster without their Bag Of Tricks? Packed with hilarious pranks like wind-up chattering teeth, whoopie cushion, and slime slug, this bag is the perfect companion to the costume or an amazing gift for any mischief-loving kid. Prepare for endless laughs and unforgettable pranks with this incredible bundle.

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